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The project of the documentary series "Achoque return home" which shows the work of a group of researchers from the Michoacan University of San Nicolás de Hidalgo, visual artists and citizens of the Lake Patzcuaro area who are dedicated to the rescue of the Achoque. The Achoque salamander Ambystoma dumerilii is a critically endangered endemic species of Lake Patzcuaro in Mexico. It is threatened by illegal harvesting, the presence of introduced fish species in the lake, and the continued deterioration of the lake's habitat quality, as a result of human activities around the lake and within the surrounding basin. In 2018, researchers from the Fish Ark team at the University of Michoacán, with the support of the Chester Zoo, initiated actions to better understand the current status of the species and the threats it faces, as well as take actions to improve the management of ex situ management of the species.

Official Trailer Documentary Achoque Return Home

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Get to know the unit for the conservation and management of fishing resources of Lake Pátzcuaro

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